Sonic Generations GameStop DLC detailed

The big news first: Casino Night pinball! PINBALL! WITH SONIC! For all the lovers of Sonic Spinball (you can count me into that group too!), this is great news! There’s also a Super-Sonic costume and console theme.

[Image and Story source: Destructoid]

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  1. Is this specific only to Gamestop, or will it be available later on for everyone?

    Other than that, actually looks like fun. I’ve always loved a good pinball game, and a Sega themed pinball game with all the bells and whistles of today sounds about right!

  2. i know where im getting my game now

  3. OK that is pretty awesome.

  4. it says miles when tails picture isnt even on the machine. it should say sonic sonic

  5. @stooball
    I think it’s a GameStop exclusive.

  6. Typically, DLC exclusives are later released to all after a time window has passed. The exclusive player skins from Mortal Kombat that you could get at some big box retailers are now available to all as DLC. I’d imagine something as substantial as this would be made available to purchase somewhere down the line, but if you want it first you’d have to get the GameStop version.

  7. I could never call preorder DLC “great news” but this definitely is a surprise, one that’s actually making me consider preordering.

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