Imagine if ‘Sonic 2’ had DLC…

I’ve got to say, I’ve liked most of the Dorkly videos up until now, and this one is no exception. It takes some classic retro games and puts in some modern style DLC. Sonic 2 gets a much demanded update by that! You can find the video here!

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  1. i always thought sonic and knuckles was like DLC for sonic 3, but more expensive. sega was ahead of there time

  2. Haha, pretty funny video. Kind of makes DLC look redundant. I mean, I appreciate the time we’re in where we can get more levels and updates online via downloads, but at the same time I miss the era where you’d buy a game and you’d get the whole thing straight up. You’re guaranteed to get the same, full experience regardless of the console you put it in or whenever you decide to play it. Now, games come out with bugs that need to be patched or they come out with scaled down scope so developers can milk a little extra from DLC content. Increasingly, the idea of the video game as a solitary piece of art is slowly going away from us, instead becoming this evolving property in the ether of the internet, a game you no longer own but instead merely own the license to enjoy. Hmph.

  3. Dorkly Bits has some funny stuff, haha

    Like grolt said, I hate that you buy a game now and basically have to expect it to be flawed. Then after the patch it runs a bit smoother, only with 50% unlocked. You then have to purchase a download code for what most of the time is already on the disc, just needs that 3kb ‘download’ which unlocks what you’ve already paid for in the first place.

    On the other hand, actual downloadable content can be really awesome. I found that to be the case with Lara Croft Guardian of Light, and the Raziel and Kain DLC…holy cow that was fun.

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