Golden Axe free for Playstation+ subscribers!

I love Golden Axe! I have seen it so many time in the Arcade in my city that’s now gone and I have so fond memories of just staring at the screen while the Demo rolls! Never played it back then, but it was hypnotizing! Anyway, if you’re a Playstation+ subscriber, you can get the game for free now!

[Source: Official Playstation Blog]

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  1. i only had playstation plus when sony gave it away for free a month ago. but now it has expired.

    you know what else expires? the sonic generations demo today

  2. Even though I already own this on multiple formats, I still get a little excited when I see this on the PS3 dashboard. It’s a terrible vice, being a video game fan, or a film fan, for that matter, because they continually sell you the same product in a different container. And we continue to buy!

  3. That’s one of my favourite Boris Vallejo covers for Sega. His son is quite an amazing artist as well

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