The Sega Addicts record episode 58 tomorrow!

We’ll be recording our 58th episode this Thursday. Topics? Those would be the usual Sega news, Cosmic Carnage for the 32x, and your listener questions!

We may also do another fanfiction radio play if you demand it. Those who have listened to the previous episode can acknowledge the fact that we have become brilliant voice actors over the course of the last year and we look forward to bringing you more of the heart wrenching drama we’ve become known for.

So, leave your questions, comments, and/or casseroles below!

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  1. Is parting such sweet sorrow?

    I’ve noticed that you give away things that I could never let out of my grasp; autographed imports, Dreamcast Vinyls etc.

    How do you let them go? If I were involved, I would always volunteer to take them to the post office then come back telling tales of Sega bandits thwarting the contest yet again

  2. Great pick for the gem this week, guys. Always had a soft spot for Cosmic Carnage…totally underrated, and one of the few exclusives on the 32X.

    The game is kind of a spiritual sequel to Fighting Masters on the Genesis (developed by Technos before their members created their new company, Divro, to make CC), both taking place in an otherwordly space setting involving an eclectic mix of creatures fighting for their lives. Any of you guys ever play that one? Thoughts?

    I kind of liked how in CC the reason for fighting was not to win a tournament or to save the world or anything, but merely one of self-perseverance: there was one escape pod left on the ship and only one person could have it. Can you think of any other fighting games where the motive is not to win a tournament or save the world?

    What did you guys think of the zoom feature during gameplay when a powerful move was done? I thought it was a nice use of scaling and something that hadn’t really been done before or since.

    Both this and Eternal Champions, despite not really being dark games, had some pretty brutal fatalities to cash in on the popularity of Mortal Kombat. Do you think they worked, or is that something that should only be in the realm of MK?

    Most of the 32X games were beefed up ports, which is your favorite console-exclusive title?

    Keep up the great work, guys. And my god, the Rogue voice in the fan fic haunts my soul.

  3. Also, I forgot to mention…Cosmic Carnage is a lot like an old Konami arcade fighter, Galactic Warriors. It predated Street Fighter by a full two years. Warriors has some interesting approaches to the genre (mainly how one button is hit and the other is to select on the bottom of the screen the type of attack you plan to do). Another cool level has gravity removed, so you literally float around the level fighting.

    Definitely worth checking out…you can buy it in the Microsoft Game Room on XBLA!

  4. Until I just researched it, I seriously thought Cosmic Carnage was just another Spider-man beat-em-up, but I was glad to be proven wrong.

    The plot sounds like it could be an episode of Mighty Max, which is a good thing. This may be the first fighting game I’ve seen with a snake as a playable character. Feel free to prove me wrong.

    Speaking of the plot, does anyone know if each character has a different ending scene, or is it one generic run to the space pod?

    FanFic! Can the next one include Big the Cat please? Although as long as Knuckles is involved, I’m happy. I never knew how gangsta he truly was.

  5. if nightmares haunted your dreams and nights had to save you, what kind of stages and bossess would he have to fight?

  6. Manic Maverick July 13, 2011 @ 10:47 PM

    Q1: Why…are all of the characters in Cosmic Carnage so shiny? D-do they lather themselves up in oil before each match? Is the only way for them to survive in space to dunk themselves in a vat of Anti-Space Particle Petroleum Jelly? W-why aren’t the controls harder to use, since they should be slipping and sliding around the stage…!!??

    Q2: If your crew had died and left you guys on a ship with only one escape-pod, how would you determine who would be the one to escape? A battle? Or something entirely different?

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