Chemical Plant and Stardust Speedway Revealed for Sonic Generations!

Coming hot off the heels of yesterday’s reveal of Metal Sonic, TSSZ found magazine scans that reveal Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2, as well as Stardust Speedway Zone from Sonic CD as Metal Sonic’s boss area!

I’ve mentioned time and time again how much I adore the CPZ, and Stardust Speedway was one of Sonic CD’s saving graces, so I am VERY PLEASED with this news, as you can expect. Just shut up and take my money now, Sega.

How are you feeling about this news? Leave us a comment below!

Source: [TSSZ News]

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  1. Why ‘saving graces’? I loved Sonic CD…

  2. It’s all coming into place….


  3. I never really was a fan of the tech Eggman worlds, but CPZ had some great level design with all the crazy paths. Glad to see it included.

  4. *mimicking Mr. Burns*

  5. i just hope chemical plant zone doesnt have that pink water you have to go through

  6. FOR REALZ??? I am so stoked that Stardust Speedway made it in! That was my #1 pick, and I didn’t think it really had a chance! This is frickin’ awesome. I’ve now gone from being excited for this game to frickin’ WORSHIPPING it. Also, Chemical Plant Zone is totally sweet, too, and it looks great from the still shot!

  7. ninjajosh:

    i just hope chemical plant zone doesnt have that pink water you have to go through

    What?? That’s the most memorable part! You can’t have Chemical Plant Zone without the pink water we have to go into

  8. @josh: If you look at the screencaps in the source, you’ll see that the Mega Muck DOES return.

    Overall, I’m very happy with the levels they’ve got so far. Only ones that disappoint really are Heroes and S3’s representations.

  9. the pink stuff was pretty iconic but i used to always drown in it as a kid

  10. That’s why they should use it, plus it’s a good excuse to put in the drowning music. 😀

  11. i guess i can ignore it as long as the remixed version of the music sounds good

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