‘Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity’ and ‘Yakuza of the End’ are hits!

Famitsu has revealed the sale charts for the first half year of 2011 for Japan and things are looking good for Sega: Yakuza of the End sold 376.193 units and comes in at place 5, while Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity comes in at the 8th place with 352.511 units sold. Since I’m a fan of both series, these are great news!

[Source: Gamefront.de]

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  1. That is great news indeed. Although I’ll admit on my RSS feed when it said “‘Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity’ and ‘Yakuza of the End’ are…” I was hoping the end of the sentence would be “coming to North America.” I really want to play these games on the PSP, I hope SEGA doesn’t disappoint. I can live without PSP2I because we already have PSP2, but a Yakuza game for the platform would be awesome.

  2. We can always hope, grolt…

    • Like Kris mentioned last episode, I think the only chance we’ll see any more PSP releases for Sega games is if they’re part of the PSP Remasters for PS3 collection. I’m with you in really hoping we get the Yakuza PSP game and Valkyria Chronicles 3 over here in some form.

  3. The thing that kinda confuses me is why they just don’t do a digital release?

    • Probably because there’s still the cost for localization. I would guess that’s the biggest factor. Especially, when you consider how plot and text heavy Yakuza games are.

  4. Localization costs are quite small if you follow the whole OpRainfall thing…

  5. if they do come to america then they sell well, otherwise that would make the next titles in the series never be seen in the west. maybe even PSO 2

  6. Yakuza and Valkyria are probably SEGA’s two most interesting properties they have as developers, I really hope they don’t squander the futures of either franchise by not localizing the PSP games.

    I suppose Yakuza could (and will) live on without a PSP release, but how VC can continue without the third I’m less certain about.

  7. @grolt
    you mean cant?

  8. What, you think the franchise is done?

  9. no u had a typo

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