Sega delayed Crush3D due to 3DS adoption rate

Even though we haven’t heard about a delay of the Sega published 3DS title ‘Crush3D’ (yet), Paul Mottram, head of Zoé Mode, had the following to say in a interview:

…now we’re finding that everyone is not knowing what platform is going to succeed – we did our first 3DS title – we got Crush onto that, but we had to delay the release of that because of the success of the platform.

Considering how harsh the market is at the moment, it only makes sense to wait for a bigger installation base before releasing a game. I hope Zoé Mode will succeed with that title, because they do great puzzle games, like Chime, which I play quite a lot…

[Source: Gonintendo]

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  1. i looked at the psp version of this game and it was a whole lot darker than i thought it would be from looking at the 3ds version

  2. It’s interesting to see what’s going to come of the 3DS. A year ago this system seemed like a surefire smash. 3D was still riding high on the Avatar train and Nintendo was kind with the one-two punch of Wii and the DS. Now, people are complaining about the strain of the effect and going to less 3D movies in theaters and Nintendo sales have slowed for all platforms. You’re up then you’re down…

    Even though the Vita looks like the better platform at a better value, I don’t know if it can beat Nintendo, since I’m sure the driving force behind portable sales are still kids and teenagers. Should be a good fight this Christmas.

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