Sega of Japan takes the top spot in sales for publishers in June

Famitsu recently announced that Sega took 20.9% of the publisher revenue in Japan last month. This is probably due to how well Yakuza of the End is selling currently. The game has sold 376,000 units so far. The list of publisher sales can be found below.

1. Sega – 20.9
2. Nintendo – 14.8
3. Level-5 – 9.1
4. Namco Bandai Games – 8.6
5. Gust – 5.5
6. Capcom
7. Konami
8. Kadokawa Shoten
9. 5pb.
10. Tecmo Koei

We all know that Sega is awesome, but it’s nice to see some real proof for those naysayers.

[Source: Sega Bits]

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  1. Way to go Sega! Keep it up and we’ll see about a new console?

  2. Well done Sega
    and hurry up Sega if your thinking about a new console cos next generations gonna last a while!

  3. I’m having deja vu…wasn’t this posted last week or something? Still, worthy of a second congrats, nonetheless!

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