Player versus Player coming to Spiral Knights, Battle Pack for cheap during the weekend!

Spiral Knights, the free-to-play MMO published by Sega is getting some updates and Steam-love: Not only are now the Player versus Player battles available, but to celebrate the occasion, some item packs are 45% off! This means cheaper extra gear, coins and energy! Check it out on Steam to see what all the fuzz is about!

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  1. Manic Maverick August 6, 2011 @ 3:33 AM

    I always wonder how good this game is. I was excited for its release, but I never actually tried it out. Anyway, wonder what the PvP involves…I remember playing an MMO once where you could get attacked by random players at any moment, without warning, in real-time. The scariest game in the world. I was often running. The worst part was that you lost a lot of your items when you died, so…*Shudder*

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