What is Sega? Find out here!

The folks over at Kotaku have a very intriguing concept for a feature: They just asked their community what Sega is and some of the answers they got are astounding and sometimes even funny. It amazes me for example, that many reduce Sega to the publishers of Platinum Games. Sure, most of these games have garnered quite a lot of positive reactions from critics and fans, but it still is a surprise.

Another answer many offered was that the Sonic games that Sega does are quite terrible. Only a select few seem to mention the Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles games. Others still mourn the decision made by Sega to leave the hardware business behind themselves, treating the home of Sonic like some kind of fallen Star.

Altogether, the feature gives you a nice insight into the public perception of Sega.

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  1. Manic Maverick August 4, 2011 @ 8:38 PM

    “Those Dreamcast folks who should have plowed through Sony’s PS2. Fortune didn’t call, though. :(”

    ^ This person was either born way too late or lost their memory just before the Dreamcast came out.

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