Streets of Rage and Golden Axe confirmed as upcoming XBLA Sega Vintage Collections

Following the leaked information regarding the Monster World and Alex Kidd & Co. Vintage Collections’ release via XBLA, was the news that PEGI had officially rated several Golden Axe and Streets of Rage games, also for release via XBLA, giving rise to speculations of further Vintage Collection releases. Such suspicions have been confirmed, with both game series briefly popping up on as Sega Vintage Collections.  Check out this link to for tons of juicy screenshots!

Each collection features all three of the mains games in each series, with the screenshots suggesting a mix of Mega Drive/ Genesis and arcade versions. This may be a disappointment to those expecting the arcade exclusive Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder to make an appearance, especially considering that all six  home console versions of these games have been previously released on the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection/ Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. We’ll be sure to update you all as more details become available.


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  1. Looks really nice:-) Anyone who knows if it is Backbone or SEGA themself, who are porting or emulate the series?

  2. Already have the Ultimate Genesis Collection on 360, so I’ll be passing on these two collections. The Monster World one has me interested though since I loved the Adventure Island games as a kid.

  3. The Monster World collection is the one I am most interested in, mainy because I think it offers the most new content as well as some very slightly more obscure titles. Although, bear in mind that the Monster World games aren’t quite like the Adventure Island games or the original Wonder Boy.

  4. I wonder why they still stick with the censored Streets of Rage 3 for all subsequent releases? And to be honest, I’m sick of these re released collections; especially the ones that feature the same games from previous collections.

    Although I do dig the neat menu backgrounds…

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