Sonic Generations Chemical plant Zone video arrives

The German site ‘Gameswelt’ has uploaded this video showing off Chemical Plant Zone. Not only is the soundtrack preserved with a remix of the classic tune that doesn’t stray too far away from the Source material, but the leveldesign seems to be great too. The rising water and transforming blocks can still be found it this modern take on the classic level from Sonic 2.

Even the 3D version of the zone looks great, with a rock-version of the song, waterslides and some impressive visual effects! Unfortunately, the second half of the video contains more ‘City Escape’ footage, of which we already have posted quite a lot! None the less, the video is definately worth a look and really impresses me on all fronts. Sonic Generations could be one of the best Sonic games made for the past decade!

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. Okay I am so sold on this game now. Love the level design, and the 3D portions even looked pretty fun; even though the guy playing hit into a wall for a bit hehe

  2. Yeah, I always wonder why the people playing games on these vids sometimes are so bad at them…

  3. I think I’m ready to swear my undying allegiance to this game.

  4. By our powers combined, Tom! FORM THE ALLIANCE OF TRUTH!

  5. I think I’m going to stop watching these videos, so that the rest of the game is a compete surprise, but I’m sold.

    Also, a skateboard TV box? Golden.

    I also dig the slight 90s remix of City Escape’s music. Very cool, Sega. I can tell they are taking the time for the little things in this one.

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