Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 61 – Levels Where You’re Always Flying

In this week’s episode we discuss so much Sega its unbelievable! There’s Sonic Generations, Anarchy Reigns, Astro Boy, Darkstalkers, and the list goes on! I think. I can’t remember if we talked about more than that or not.


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  1. Niles Nemo

  2. [img][/img]

  3. Stooball is amazing. Also, dat hair.

  4. hehe remember the 50th podcast? I painted Niles’ cool Genesis shades on Sonic playin’ the sax (ala Bill Clinton)



    Expect bombing comments. They may even be relevant sometimes. No they’ll be relevant.

    Seriously though, I blame only myself for the lack of listeners questions because I was at work too often this past week to realize I should ask a question. However, I did enjoy hearing about Alex’s Sega pick-ups anyway!

  6. Yes Niles!!! that’s it!!! “The coolest SEGA gamer ever” Thank you Stooball, you saved me from having to look through old issues of SEGA visions to find out his awesome name, and his even awesomer hair cut.

  7. In retrospect, I believe Max Power was the only acceptable change of name Homer Simpson acquired at one point, because it was the only one he spelled correctly.

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