The Sega Addicts Kids Table records tomorrow with Retro City Rampage creator, Brian Provinciano!

You read that right, Skippy! Brian Provinciano (creator of the hotly anticipated retro styled game Retro City Rampage) will be joining me, John, and Josh at the Sega Addicts Kids Table to record a very specail episode of the podcast. Why is this specail? Because Brian will be answering ours, and your questions! So hit me up on twitter or leave a comment on this post with your question or query and we’ll be sure to ask it on the podcast!

See you then, kids!

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  1. Good stuff, guys! I’m anxious to hear the progress of this game, because I know I will be picking it up (digitally) on day one!

  2. Actuall, I have two different questions:

    1. What’s the biggest difference between developing the game for Wiiware and developing it for Xbox 360? Are there any differences in terms of content?

    2. Have you considered a release on Steam yet?

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