Sega has two PlayStation Vita launch titles ready

Mike Hayes, the Sega West CEO, said in an interview that Sega will support the new Sony portable with two titles at launch. We know that one of these two titles is Virtua Tennis 4, but we haven’t heard from that second title yet. Since the PS Vita will launch by the end of the year in Japan, we should see something of this new title pretty soon! This isn’t all: Another three unannounced titles are in development for the platform! This gives you a lot of room for speculation, since Sega has quite a bunch of different franchises on its hand that are quite successful on the PSP. Maybe one of these will make the jump pretty quickly? More information will probably pop up as soon as the full interview is released on Monday.

[Source: VG247]

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  1. I don’t believe that Virtua Tennis is a system seller, but any software available at launch is a good thing. Hopefully, Sony learned from Nintendo’s 3DS mistakes.

  2. Well, Phantasy Star Victory is one of the four unannounced.

  3. I’m hoping it’s VC3 slightly-more-HD!

  4. I want it to be the sega addict beat em up!

  5. Let’s just hope that Virtua Tennis uses the “slap & tickle” pad on the back. Imagine those lob shots.

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