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Pictured: The Sega Addicts Research Team.

It’s time again for a post about posts, one guy telling you about what other people told each other about, the best way to spend approximately 5 minutes on a Wednesday: it’s Forum News! Not a user of the forums yet? Hey, that’s ok, this post is a great way to get an idea of what’s going on in there so you can have some direction if you decide to join now. Speaking of which, why not go do that right now? This is an especially good time to join because this week is a new challenge week! So hit the jump and find out what you can win, and see what we’ve been up to in the last little while.

While we’re on the topic of things you can win I should mention that there are new badges! Now there is a badge for every Sega console and handheld ever! Pretty easy prizes to collect if you ask me, so get in there and claim yours! While you’re there why not recommend some badges for September? You can get super creative and pretty much recommend anything. Who knows, maybe Stevie will finally get his Goosebumps badge.

The podcast board has also had a few interesting additions since the last forum news, some Stevie related ones as well. In fact, there is one that is related to Josh Newey and John Doherty as well. That’s right, everyone’s favourite Sega-related writer-based podcast now has it’s own Child Board…how fitting. Of course it goes without saying that several of the posts so far have been in full-caps. Like this EXCITING NEWS about episode 5 of the Kid’s Table. In the mean time, why not talk about how awesome Episode 3 of the show was, or just discuss it’s awesomeness more generally in The Kid’s Table thread. What a gloriously self-serving board. Afterward why not do yourself a favour and check out the Sega Addicts Fan Fiction Radio Play Theatre podcast that’s been taking the world by storm. Or keep it conventional with the tried and true Sega Addicts Podcast in this week’s Episode 61 thread.

Tom is such a great artist.

Do you have a birthday coming up or did you have one recently? Well our research indicates that community meanie face Manic Maverick forgot about it. After that you can look at some other research in The Bar which indicates that actually I’m the bigger asshole and I’m probably out to get Manic Maverick. After that you can view another post all about the wonders of Stevie – Stevie’s Forum! That guy sure does like himself. If you would like to see anything else shoddily and fraudulently researched so that you can pass it off as fact to all your friends then our Question!? thread is for you. Take a question, leave a question – it’s a lot like the 7/11 actually. Except all the merchandise is free, and Stevie is allowed in our forums.

Hey, what are you listening to right now? Are you finding it hard to answer that by simply yelling at your computer until I acknowledge you? Well, we have a thread that might help you. Tell us what song you have stuck in your head right here. Then break it down cinema-style and do your best Ebert. No, it’s not some funny ghetto dance move trying to cash in on the late 00’s love of developmentally delayed rapper Soulja Boy Tellem, it’s just a thread where you can rate the last movie you watched. And, since you’re probably not me, since I probably won’t read this after it gets posted (since I wrote it), go to our Doctor Who thread and love everything about the show.

What an insipiration.

Have you ever played a game that was made by it’s ending? We sure have, and boy does Sega know what’s up when it comes to this. Thankfully, we now have a thread all about Sega games with glorious endings, and the best part is it’s spoiler-free! Another thing Sega excels at are soundtracks. Well, we’ve thought of everything like our name is Lisa. Post all about your favourite Sega Soundtracks in this thread here. Then, pick a Sega system and throw down a Top-10 list of games for it. Now you may notice that your non-Sega games are crying at this point, but that’s ok because we have them covered as well! In fact we encourage you to discuss any games that you happen to be playing at a given time. And right now we have a thread all about the magic, and lack thereof, of The Legend of Zelda. And hey, if you’re feeling like getting social why not check out the Gamertags thread and hook yourself up with a fellow addict.

Are you the next Hemingway? Then check out our Writing Thread! Are you the next Michelangelo? Then check out our Artwork thread! Do you have a pulse? Then check out Alex’s concept for a game – Veil. Tired of the same formula I’m using for no apparent reason in this paragraph? Too bad, check out ScottyMoFoSho’s youtube channel!

Well that sums up the forums. Pretty crazy, as per usual. So, I guess that leaves us with the challenges. They are thus:

1. Challenge: Get the forum up to 2222 posts.

Reward: You decide the style I write that week’s Forum News in.

2. Challenge: Start a new thread on the Food Addicts Board.

Reward: This is a secret achievement, you must unlock it to read more.

Have fun, I hope to see you in the forums!

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