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Hey Sega-Addicts, it’s forum news time! Before I start, why don’t you join the forums if you haven’t already done so? We always love to see new faces. If you’ve left the forums, come on back, there’s way more action going on now. Also, I want to thank the members who are in the forums right now because they’re doing a great job of keeping them active. You guys are awesome, keep it up!

So let’s get to the stuff that’s interesting to read! On top of all the threads I’m going to talk about, I want to mention there is an entirely new section now: Buy, Sell or Trade! It’s pretty self-explanatory, if you want to buy or sell any video game, console, peripheral, piece of memorabilia, etc, go there and post about it. According to the description you can also sell rotting animal carcasses, so go ahead and sell that bird your neighbour’s cat killed and left in your yard. There’s already a couple threads, so if you’re looking for a PAL R-Type DX go here, or if you’ve got a Master System you don’t mind parting ways with go here.

Hurry before this jerk steals all your merchandise.

I made a thread I’m pretty excited about that can be found here. Basically, it’s a place where you can post any original creative content, or give feedback on other people’s stuff. Please make sure you read the rules first, there are only 9 and most are common-sense anyway. There are no rules on the medium you can use, so if you made it, post it! Feel free to post serious stuff, comical stuff, or something in between; it’s all good. Remember that car Saiyavenger made that I raved about last week? Well he’s got more and has posted a link to them there. See, it’s already worth it, so check it out today!

This is the one I keep telling you all about.

Speaking of the stuff I talked about last week, there are a few more recommendation threads. If you want to recommend a game, provide feedback or just randomly discuss partially related topics like we usually do for Radvertisements, Sonic The Head-Jog, Top 10 Worst, or Not-So Classic Games follow the links and do so! You can access the rest of the recommendation threads, talk about the podcast or the site in general here.

Elsewhere there’s been a lot of fun stuff going on all over the place check it out:
The Bar
made a huge comeback, thanks to Manic Maverick not leaving for 2 months. The discussion seems to be all about Dr. Who, so get in there if you like it, or if you dislike it and want to tell us why Or, if you’re like me and haven’t ever watched that show, you can start a new topic; it’s easier to do than Rouge the Bat!

Music/Movies/Books/Comics Stuff section has been one of the busiest sections in the forums by far. The books and music threads from last week are still going fairly strong, and now there are also threads to discuss anime, and movies(but with a twist). The creativity thread is in there too, so obviously it’s the place to be.

Non-Sega gaming has been pretty dead, because who cares about something not made by Sega? MattJay has 2 threads on there that no one seems to care about. Don’t leave him hanging (even though I totally have) talk about Darkwing Duck NOW, then discuss the Neo Geo Pocket Colour and whether it’s wise to buy it. Then you can tell us what you’re playing right now, or talk about Tekken.

Like food? Good, so do we, so talk about some Ice Cream, foods fit for students, foods that taste good frozen, or a crisis involving Pepsi Max and Canada.

Do you remember last week’s challenges? Well here they are again:

  1. 10 new members
  2. 7 threads not created by Saiyavenger
  3. Saiyavenger stripped of his title as winner of the box art thread

Well, we got 2 of them, which is roughly 6/10, which is the worst score a game could get, so according to the Internet we did terribly. However, some of my friends and I have a meme where 6/10 is perfection, so we’re going to use that interpretation. Great job! We did have 7 threads not created by Saiyavenger (way more than that actually), and Saiyavenger was defeated in the box art thread, by the site’s own Kris Knigge! Then it was won again by clarkanoid. So we doubled-down on that challenge, which then killed the thread. Visit it here and post some incredible or incredibly terrible box art to get it going again.

With that we have this week’s challenges. This time there are 4 because we’re carrying the 10 members one, also I want to gradually increase the number as the forums gradually increase. Here they are:

  1. 10 new members
  2. Reach 600 cumulative posts
  3. Make a sale in the Buy/Sell/Trade section
  4. 1 new successful topic in both Sega Games and Non-Sega Gaming

Bonus points for anyone who posts a short story in the creativity thread. Tell me if you like this concept or if I should stop it. Silence is equivalent to liking it.  See you in the forums.

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  1. Well, never thought I’d see my “muse” as a featured image!

    And hey, challenges I could possibly do! BOUT TIME YOU STOPPED THE SAIYAEMBARGO.

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