You can surf in Shinobi 3DS

Yes, I’m serious. You surf in Shinobi 3DS. Were you looking for an excuse to buy this game up until now? Well, now you’ve got one. All jokes aside though, there is a new batch of Screenshots out for Shinobi 3DS, so head over to Siliconera and check them out! Also, hit the jump for a trailer of the movie ‘Surf Ninjas’. Of course there’s such a thing!

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  1. Ah as soon as I read the title I was going to drop a Surf Ninjas comment! He made it things possible using his Game Gear!

  2. What? Now I need to watch that movie!

  3. Will there be chopsticks to use as weapons in this game as well?

    The best way to watch that movie, by the way, is without Robert Schneider in it.

    But hey, this could be a cool switch up from side-scrolling and such.

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