Sonic CD is coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Well, this is huge news: According to Major Nelson, Sonic CD is coming to Xbox Live Arcade! That would be the first version since the one available on the Sonic Gems collection and is considered by some to be the best 2D Sonic game ever made. Since it was a Sega CD exclusive at the time, not everyone had a chance to play it and re-releases were also kind of rare. If you want to check out the game earlier, it will be playable at PAX Prime 2011.

It’s good to see this title gets some love even after it has been announced that a level and Metal Sonic will be in Sonic Generations.

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  1. Very cool. I wonder when this will be available for download if there is only a demo at PAX Prime. Obviously not before the holiday season, but I would still buy it if it was out before Christmas. Never can have too many Sonic-related achievements. Oh and it’s a good game too ^_^.

  2. I wonder if both soundtracks will be available? Or which one they will choose to use if only one?

  3. I hope it hits the PSN next. Want to play it, for the first time.

  4. Stoo, if it’s done by Backbone Entertainment like the previous XBLA/PSN classic Sonic iterations, then I sincerely doubt both soundtracks will be included. But I will be happy if I’m wrong.

  5. Very cool, good job, SEGA.

    And come on, the US soundtrack is where it’s at. That’s all a man needs!

    Now where’s a Live enabled SONIC R!? 😀

  6. According to the Sega blog, it will feature the Japanese OST

  7. Ah thanks, Stooball, just updated the latest post with that info!

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