Guardian Heroes will be out… TOMORROW! [UPDATE]

Major Nelson just announced via his Twitter Account that Guardian Heroes will be available on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow for 800 Microsoft points. I sure know what I’m going to play tomorrow morning…

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Major Nelson screwed up there…

  • grolt

    Wow, that’s a quick turnaround! I’ve got the Saturn version happily hooked up, so I’ll be waiting for the inevitable SEGA sale down the road if I ever do bite.

  • really? uuuuuugh.

    But still, for 800 points? I’m more than ready to pay that price.

  • Stooball

    Wait so is it coming out tomorrow or not? What did he screw up on?

  • Stooball

    Ah nevermind, I had to figure out how to get around in that Twitter thing!/search?q=%23MajorsMistake

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