Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 63 – They Were Like My Guy

It’s episode 63! If you listened to one Sega Addicts episode every day you could officially do it for 9 weeks now!

Don’t do that though. It’s a huuuge waste of time.

This episode we discuss Tom’s favorite paper towels, Hostess vs. Little Debbie, Otogi, Rise of Nightmares, and just what is a “horror” game and what isn’t because Kris doesn’t think Shadows of the Damned qualifies as horror. I told him to talk to the hand and he said that’s a stupid comeback to which I responded that he makes a good argument.


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  1. i forgot to ask alex to mention my sega addicts beat em up

  2. Otogi is one of my favourite titles from that generation; great game, loved sending enemies crashing through walls. That only happens if you use the heavy attack, perfect way to end a combo with an exclamation point!

    The sequel is fantastic, more of everything basically. Everything a sequel should be

    Enchanted Arms was pretty sub par LOL I just really like Otogi and heard he was in there. Sacrifices must be made for the greater good!

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