New House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut trailer has ‘more gore, more strippers’

Talk about aggressive marketing! This awesome trailer for the astonishing looking HD-Remake of the brilliant House of the Dead: Overkill shows off the HARDCORE violence, new chapters and the story. It’s absolutely fun to watch thanks to the great narrator and the grindhouse feel. If you don’t have the game yet for the Wii or fancy the HD visuals, 3D mode and new story bits, you should definitely get it when it comes out on October 25 in the U.S. and October 28 in the PAL territories(except for Germany and Australia, unfortunately…)

[Source: Sega Blog]

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  1. JetSetRadioForever September 9, 2011 @ 11:07 AM

    NOT for 360? Sega just makes me hate them more and more. I’m gonna have to end up getting a stinkin’ Move now. I think a HotD collection would be welcome as well.

  2. You can get most House of the Dead games on Wii if that’s an option for you.

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