Dreamcast Marathon 2 AM update!

I know what you’re thinking, yes I’ve gone back in time. I’ve discovered that if you play Dreamcast games for 24 hours you will open up a rip in the space time continuum which will allow you to freely traverse time as you see fit. Not buying it? OK. I actually just live in a different time zone than Josh. So Josh is technically living in my future, I should ask him for lotto numbers.

Enough of the crappy jokes, it’s time to get to what you are really here for. To listen to me babble a bit about Dreamcast games! It’s been a long time since we lost spoke, two hours to be exact. And in this time I’ve done a lot with my life. I played two of my favorite Dreamcast games, Jest Set Radio and Chu Chu Rocket.

I don’t remember Jet Set Radio being so frustratingly difficult to control. I have a hard time making sharp turns and jumping on small rails can be really hit or miss at times. However no other game feels or looks like this game and I always enjoy being in Tokyo-to. I spent some time making my own graffiti and quickly realized my artistic abilities don’t extend much further than drawing certain parts of the male anatomy. So I quickly abandoned the idea before I littered the city with this particular body part.

When was the last time I told you guys how much I love Chu Chu Rocket? I remember, the last Sega Addicts Kid’s Table episode (airing every Thursday ). Shameless plugs aside I really do love this game. It’s simplistic game mechanics yet deeply intelligent puzzle design never fail to amaze me. I suggest anyone here who has never played it to stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and play this game. P.S. the iPhone port is really good.

I thought I would also keep you guys more updated on my food situation. In preparation for gorging myself on gaming I decided it would be a good idea to also stuff my face with terrible food. The pizza I mentioned earlier is long gone, now I am enjoying Salt and Vinegar Pringles, Mountain Dew, and a various assortment of chocolate candy. I figured what better way to celebrate 12 years of the Dreamcast then trying to give myself Diabetes.

I’m thinking about playing some Sega Bass Fishing and Soul Caliber next. In case you forgot I will be playing Soul Caliber with my Fishing Controller. Stay tuned for more updates folks!