Does Classic Sonic have a Homing attack in Sonic Generations?

This new video seems to tell us so! Near the beginning of the video, you can see crosshairs popping up over the ennemies while classic Sonic makes his way through the levels. Does this mean it is possible to obtain the homing attack at a later point in the game or is this a 3DS exclusive feature? Does this destroy your hope in a new good Sonic game or is it a minor inconvenince to you?

Oh, and 10 points for the person who finds out what Anime the header pic comes from.

[Source: Tssznews]

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  1. “Does this destroy your hope in a new good Sonic game or is it a minor inconvenince to you?”

    As long as the game itself is fun then I don’t really care either way. I don’t the hate homing attack and I don’t find it as a huge deal breaker for me.

  2. “Despair! Finding out that Classic Sonic has a homing attack has left me in despair!”

    (Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Now where’s my ten points?)

    I don’t really mind it. As long the game is good, I really don’t mind having the homing attack in Classic Sonic stages.But what will everyone else think?

  3. I’m assuming those crosshairs are just in there since it looks like the 2 Sonics share the same basic build of the levels.

    Then again there was that “hacked” video of Class Sonic playing in Modern Sonic’s gamestyle and vice versa, so maybe this is pointing more towards that crossover game-mode as an unlockable bonus?

  4. actually that wasnt classic sonic with the homing attack, that was modern sonic

  5. I’m sorry, Ninjajosh, but I agree with several outlets that say that during the first 15 sec. Of the video it is classic Sonic and he gets the crosshair to do a homing attack.

  6. oh, never mind, i wasnt paying attention and thought u meant the modern sonic clip that plays after the classic part.

  7. Yeah, the video is a bit confusing with its switches…

  8. The homing attack.
    Its the easiest mechanic to grasp from modern sonic games and it makes platforming more varied, granted it also has drawback of making basic badniks even easier to smash, and mostly you can rapid button mash it to success. (unless you need to get some height to cross, Then hold the jump button longer)
    so they had to make stronger enemy types to use other mechanics on.

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