Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 65 – It Didn’t Really

Mike’s gone for the week and suddenly we’re all a bunch of Chatty Cathys coming out of our shells. In fact, we did so much chatting that we didn’t even get to this week’s Sonic Gem, Sonic Rush. Oh well, dat’s okay because we can talk about it next time. Instead this week you can hear us ramble on about: Bayonetta, Rise of Nightmares, Splatterhouse, and Sega Addicts Midnight.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Cool Podcast, I will listen to it on my flight to London tomorrow.

  2. Silhouette Mirage is an awesome game, you’re selling it?

  3. You guys convinced me to download the Renegade Ops demo as as usual it’s a fun as hell SEGA game.

  4. @Stooball: Nah, I’m looking into buying it! $60 sound about fair?

  5. Bad luck, I can’t find my Saturn version, only the PSX one. :O

    But I did do some online searches, looks like you can get the Saturn import for around 60 bucks!

    49.50 (+ 12 bucks shipping)

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