Rodea the sky soldier is ready, waiting to be published

Rodea the sky soldier, the new game by Yuji Naka’s development studio Prope, is complete and waiting to be published by Kadokawa. The Wii-game was absent from this year’s Tokyo Game Show and there weren’t much news around it the past few weeks, but he assures during an interview that the game is ready. He also denies a Wii-U port, saying that the Wii is the perfect platform for the game. All we have on the game so far is a trailer and the fact that Xseed is thinking about bringing it to the West.

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. The game looks fantastic, I really hope it does well and that we can see it in the west. It looks like a return to form for Naka after experimenting with smaller, more idiosyncratic stuff.

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