Yuji Naka talks about his cancelled Wii Motion plus game

In a ‘Iwata asks’ section, Yuji Naka talked for the first time about a cancelled game called ‘Haunted Tower’ that he pitched when the Wii Motion plus accessory was first announced. The game would have involved shooting at enemies outside of the screen. The project was shelved and replaced by the mini game Trigger Twist for the Wii play: Motion compilation.

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. I wonder how the game would have played. I’m imagining a mystery component where you aim off screen and then if you do aim at a ghost the controller would vibrate and then you could pull the trigger or something. It actually sounds like a great concept, one you could play in the dark or something and feel as if you’re entirely surrounded. Hopefully Naka doesn’t give up on the idea if that’s the case.

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