This ‘fan’ hates on Sonic Generations, yells and swears a lot [UPDATE]

When I think scary, Sonic fan, this guy certainly fits the bill. He yells, screams and swears over the Sonic Generations 3DS version like there’s no tomorrow. I really hope this is fake. Anyway, he says all-time classic things like ‘These physics are gay’ and ‘They (Dimps) are fucking gay’ which really display that person’s maturity level.

Little Update, this is pretty much a well known troll. Still, comedic gold.

[Source: SonicStatium and Destructoid]


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  1. I wonder if this is mariotehplumber. He’s this guy on youtube who seems to be a either a troll or classic fan and always swearing and screaming in his Sonic reviews/rants

  2. Yup, that’s him…

  3. Glorious….I knew that was him. Talks like him, acts like him, always screaming and swearing a lot, calling people who likes the new games ‘modern fags’ etc

  4. Don’t look up Hentai!… 0.0
    its funny how he docent moan that theres a spin dash that never released till sonic 2 and was never a single button control.
    I wonder what he was like when the second version of any game came out or then next console? THESE GRAPHICS ARNT THE SAME! THEY HAD TO INCLUDE S*****Y TAILS… And this is the reason SEGA just don’t know what to do… Sonic generations on both consoles look awesome!

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