The Hostess With The Most, Desu!

Sega of Japan have released a video introducing the hostesses you will be meeting in Yakuza: Black Leopard (Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou) for the Sony PSP.

That’s assuming that Sega of America don’t remove the hostess bars again because they couldn’t be bothered translating due to “cultural differences”…

Now, I don’t profess to read Japanese, so I will let this intriguing Google translation from Sega’s Japanese site explain why you really ought to watch the video: “Secrets and surprising taste nice buddy ?, as well as stories ranging sexy dance . Check it out”

This one’s for you, Mr Cantler, sir!

[Source: Sega of Japan]

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  1. That title got a chuckle out of me

  2. Go ahead and stick your hand in, ~desu

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