Daytona USA coming to PS3


In a recent “sweepstake” competition, Sega are tasking you with guessing what their next game is going to be. Since the hint is very obvious for those who have played the game, it isn’t hard to guess that it’s Daytona USA. I’m not a fan of racing games but I’m sure many people will be thrilled with this re-release.

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  1. It is already known which Daytona it is?

  2. I believe only the first game had the Rolling Start vocal track, but I could be wrong. All the music was changed in Championship Circuit Edition and Daytona 2 I don’t remember having the iconic opening words. I’m guessing they’d be working from the Dreamcast port, but I guess the Windows port would be easy to work with, too, albeit far inferior graphically. Whatever version they release though, I’m excited for…one of SEGA’s most iconic games for sure, and still a blast to play.

  3. Here’s hoping for an XBLA release as well. This is one of the few games I enjoyed being sung to…. Sonic R being another.

    Oh the 90s….

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