No werehog in Sonic Generations… CONFIRMED!

So far, we could only assume that Sonic Generations won’t suck.

But now…

…now we KNOW!

Also, classic Sonic will be mute because they couldn’t get the voice actor…

[Source: Gonintendo]

  • sonfan

    So does that means I can finally stop worrying that Sega will turn Classic Sonic into a werehog now?

  • Josh Newey

    That header is from The Happiness of the Katakuris. Such a crazy-ass movie.

  • Stooball

    They only muted classic Sonic due to lack of finding a voice actor?


  • sonfan

    They couldn’t get Jaleel White. He’s probably too busy doing that fan film, lol

  • Stooball

    Thank goodness

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