First 4 Figures reveals Knuckles and Knuckles Exclusive figurines

Every once in a while, something comes out that is so overwhelmingly amazing that I zoom straight past excitement and headlong into an inexplicable rage. Today is one of those days.

As promised, First4Figures unveiled their brand new Knuckles figurine earlier today, and I’m clenching my fists so tightly that it’s becoming difficult to type. Crafted with the intricacy that the folks at First4 are known for, this 10″ masterpiece has Knuckles pounding his namesake through molten rock, leaning over and just looking like a general badass.

Like the Super Sonic and Metal Sonic figures before it, this beauty is also getting an exclusive edition, which features a lovely light-up base. Since this one is inspired by the magma in Lava Reef Zone, the lights will mimic the multicolored hues of lava from that stagggeeeAAAAGGHH!!!! I WANT IT!

Now for the part that has me redder than No Chuckles Knuckles himself – the price. The standard Knuckles figure goes for $169.99, while the Exclusive figure will run you $189.99.

Only one question remains: Knuckles, or rent? Knuckles, or rent? Hey anybody need a kidney? $190. Get it while you can.

[Source: First4Figures]

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  1. This is much cooler than the Mushroom Hill base I hypothesized.

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