New Sonic Generations demo drops today on XBLA with playable Modern Sonic

The second Sonic Generations demo releases on Xbox Live Arcade today, October 19th, with the PSN demo releasing on October 25th.  This demo allows a playthrough of Green Hill Zone as both Modern Sonic, who was abscent in the first demo, AND Classic Sonic.  So what are you waiting for, Xboxers?!  Sonic says, “Download my demo right now!”

[Source: XBLA]

  • BigSkorpy

    But only for gold members.

  • Wow really? Ugh. My apologies. Microsoft loves money so much.

  • Josh Newey

    There’s hope yet, sir. The game will be available to Silver and PSN users on October 25th!

  • Josh Newey

    The DEMO, I mean, not the GAME. Haha.

  • Bradkal

    not entirely true idk if you guys in america have to wait but I’m downloading it right now for my ps3 and its the 22nd so I’d go check psn

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