Classic Sonic only returning for Generations

I know a lot of Sonic lovers out there have had their fingers crossed for months now, forever lost in the dream of pudgy little Classic Sonic retaking the thrown and overthrowing the green-eyed MENACE that is modern Sonic. Well, I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but that revolution is simply not destined to occur.  If you don’t believe me, take it from Sega Europe’s Brand Manager, David Corless,

Do you know what? There are no plans, to be brutally honest, to bring Classic Sonic back. The reason for bringing him back for this game was because this is a celebration of 20 years of Sonic. It was a real fitting time to do it. He’s really well loved. Let’s see how Generations does. You can never say never in this industry, but at the moment there are no plans.

To be honest, I had never even considered a permanent return to be an option. Sonic has evolved, and based on the way his current 3D endeavors are going, I’m perfectly OK with that. I’ve never been much of a stickler for his appearance; so long as the games are good, I’m happy as a clam.
Anybody devastated at this news?

[Source: Segabits]

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  1. This isn’t really surprising considering the main reason to not bring Classic Sonic back: WHINING UNSATISFIED “FANS.”

    Need I say more?

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