Shinobi is 50% off this week on XBLA

TIGER couldn't even sell it this cheap!

What better way to prepare for the upcoming 3DS title than by jumping back into the original?  From November 8th-15th, Shinobi will be available for a marked down price of 200 Microsoft Points! That’s like $3.75, or 200 Space Moneys, or just some real-life money you don’t need anymore!  Grab it while you can, fellow ninjas!

[Source: SEGA Blog]

  • Oh God…I remember playing that Tiger LCD version of Shinobi as a kid. XD

  • Stooball

    Haha I was about to say the same thing about the Tiger game! <3

    • Has anyone played any other Sega Tiger games? I used to play a Sonic 2 one all the time.

      • I had a Sonic 3 wrist-watch, but that was about it. It was difficult to play since it was a one-handed game. That’s what she said?…..

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