Sega looking to “re-imagine” one of their “beloved IP’s”


Any volunteers?

Sega is looking for a new executive producer, and in the ad for the position it states they are looking for someone to deliver a “high quality product based on a re-imagining of one of Sega’s most beloved IP’s.”  Considering Iizuka recently mentioned he wants to make a new standard for Sonic, this has me somewhat worried.  Perhaps Sega will pull something out of left field and revitalize ToeJam & Earl? *crosses fingers*

What Sega IP would you guys like to see re-imagined?

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

  • I’d love to see a new Streets of Rage game.

  • Bradkal

    Shenmue? I’ve never played it but a lot of fans of the game have been begging for it!

    I’d love to see a new rinstar game!

    I just hope that this new standard for sonic isn’t going to end up as bad as sonic 06 and somehow starts better then the modern sonic of today!

  • grolt


  • funkyjeremi

    Alex kidd and ristar definitely deserve a re imagined come back! And i have many idea about this! Hire me SEGA !!! ^^

  • funkyjeremi

    As i said, Alex Kidd deserves to return! i drew a picture about it[img][/img] ^^

  • funkyjeremi


  • funkyjeremi
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