Ron Gilbert on "The Cave".

Oh crap. Wrong Gilbert.

Talk about pedigree. Ron Gilbert (totally not pictured), the creator of none other than Maniac Mansion (if you’re too young to remember that, you might be reading the wrong blog) talked to Digital Trends about The Cave, the game he is working on right now. It is Double Fine developed (kick starter?) and Sega published (a nexus!).

Apparently, the concepts for The Cave predate Monkey Island and even Maniac Mansion. In his interview, Gilbert reveals that The Cave is literally a project that has percolated in his brain and colored all of his other projects. When players finally get a hold of The Cave next year, they will literally be playing with a thirty year old piece of gaming history.

[Source:  Digital Trends]

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  1. is it weird that I’d love to hear Gilbert Godfrey talk at great length about Maniac Mansion?

  2. No. It’s what God intended.

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