Frame Gride translated! (Pretend you know what I am talking about)

Long before raising the bar for difficulty through the roof (of the International Space Station) with Demon Souls, From Software produced a neat little exclusive for the Sega Dreamcast called “Frame Gride”. What it means to gride a frame is lost on me but that might be because I do not speak Japanese.

Problem solved.

Lucasmilu of has posted a beta version of a fan translation for what is arguably the finest medieval-themed-robot-mounted-close-combat-simulator for the Dreamcast. If only more of Sega’s fine Japanese exclusives could be made accessible to those of us in the English speaking world.

The download, instructions, and screenshots can be found here:

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  1. Oh wow, blast from the past! I’ve always wondered what this game was like, only had magazine scans to look at all these years.

  2. It is a lot like Armored Core (another From Software property) but with an emphasis on close in combat. It’s a fun little game but very difficult to fully enjoy unless you know Japanese. Worth an import if you find it cheap.

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