Sonic CD out today! Watch the Dev Diary

Sonic CD releases today on XBLA, iOS, and the European PSN all for a mesely $4.99.

In honor of the release of Sonic CD, Sega has posted the development diary on YouTube for all to see.  It’s pretty interesting to see some of the original artwork and designs for the game.  So while your copy of Sonic CD is downloading, take a gander at the video!  See you on the leaderboards!

[Source: Sega Blog]

  • Stooball

    I nearly bought it, apparently Sega won’t be sending the winning codes for the Sonic CD contest until the first week of January lol

    Maybe I will just purchase it

  • Wow that’s weird. I picked it up and realized just how long it will take to actually get the best future in the game. I completely forgot how long the game in.

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