Renegade Ops and Shogun 2 offer up some holiday cheer


Every once in a while you meet one of those guys who really, really loves the holiday season. These are the folks who wear the same tacky reindeer sweater from the first of December all the way through the end of the year.

To be honest, I kind of get that vibe from Sega. First, there was the seasonal Christmas NiGHTS game. Then, we got that ever-so appropriate Christmas Toy Commander demo from the Official Dreamcast Magazine. Now, both Renegade Ops and Shogun 2 are offering their own (surprisingly violent) brand of holiday cheer with some exclusive new content.

If you already have the new DLC for Renegade Ops (PC version only, grumble grumble), then you should now be able to track down that menace Santa Claus  and blast him from the sky. If you succeed in ending the bearded fiend’s reign of terror, you will be rewarded with a special gift. Shogun 2 is also getting a free holiday makeover, complete with a new Christmas-themed HUD, a new Christmas front-end scene, and a brand new holiday map called “Operation Santa”.

Happy Holidays from Sega. Now take off that sweater. You look like an idiot.

[Source: Sega Blog]

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