Retrode 2 helps you play Genesis/SNES ROMs on your PC

This little device does exactly what it appears to do.  You plug in either an SNES or a Genesis cartridge with accompanying controller, and then plug the device into a USB port on your PC or MAC and viola: gaming nostalgia on your computer!  You have to use this in correlation with an emulator on your computer of course.  You may ask yourself, “Why would I need this if I already have an emulator and ROMS?”  Simple.  You can use your favorite Genesis or SNES controller with ROMS, or of course save your status within those 16-bit games that never had a save status, or just stop worrying about the reliability of your SNES (because we at Sega-Addicts all know the Genesis will last forever).  This sucker is also incredibly portable as it folds up and fits right into your pocket!  The Retrode 2 will be available January 23rd for $84.99.  Who plans on grabbing one?

[Source: Engadget]

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  1. You probably could back up all your save files with this.

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