Square Enix to release Vanquish figures in May

For fans of sweet figures and Vanquish, today is probably the best day of your life. That is of course because Square Enix are bringing out a range of Vanquish figures in May. Sam and Bogey from the game have been revealed and it looks like you’ll be able to pose them in a number of cool/sexy ways.

They’ll cost 6,825 yen in Japan and $70 in America. Pretty steep I know but once you see the full pictures of them you’ll see just how worth it they are. Hit the jump to see a selection of images from both figures.

[Source: Siliconera]

  • ninjajosh

    DOOD thats pretty cool, I might have to buy it. Though it is expensive…

  • Josh Newey

    I am totally down with that Sam Gideon one. The only thing that confuses me is the timing. Vanquish did not sell anywhere near the numbers it could have, and since the game was released well over a year ago, it’s definitely fallen out of the public consciousness. Why release figures now?


  • ninjajosh

    yea it is wierd, but i still want one either way.

  • Diggin’ the Epyon, er I mean the Bogey one.

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