Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Sequel confirmed

Kotaku has learned that sequel to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is coming this year. Toys for the franchise were seen at the Toy Fare in New York and an attendant confirmed that there’s a new game on its way for this year.

While this still is a step away from a completely official confirmation or reveal, it seems certain to me that this game is actually coming. The original was quite successfull and a lot of fun, so this is great news indeed.

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  1. Cool. I liked the original quite a bit, not sure what more a sequel can add though. Hopefully that means we’ll see more SEGA franchise characters, like Gilius from Golden Axe, Wonder Boy, Hornet from Daytona, etc.

  2. Sounds cool. Honestly I would rather see a takeon on Super Smash Bros but thus is awesome aswell.

  3. Really excited if this is indeed a full sequel. The only complaint I had with the original was the small variety of overall track designs so I’d love to see some more games’ settings thrown in there.

  4. New charicters could contain classic sonic!
    I love Sega allstars racing
    I want it on the vita
    Modern sonics special could be boost and classic sonic could be super sonic
    Rinstar should be there!
    Hatsune miku should be there she’s got games published by Sega so I don’t see why not?
    There should be posters somewhere saying ‘plumbers wanted dead or alive’ coloured green and red

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