Drink in these brand new Sonic 4 Episode 2 screenshots

Not to be outdone by the unofficial leak of screenshots from earlier in the week, Sega has released a generous handful of lovely shots on their official blog, showcasing what looks like some water-logged ruins, a snowy holiday wonderland,  a theme park, or perhaps some amalgam of the three.

As if these shots aren’t exciting enough, Sega also announced that Episode 2’s first gameplay trailer will be debuted on Gamespot’s website at 9AM Pacific on February 23rd.

Hit the jump to see all the shots, and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • It looks so pretty! I’m glad they switched the engine…

  • funkyjeremi

    Look pretty cool, graphics are better and more original than in S4E1! The eggman snowman iust made my day ^^

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