Sega vs Capcom: Dreams of an Obsessed Fanboy, Part V


Hey, chucklenuts!  Guess who this week’s character is!  I’ll give you a hint if you promise not to just look at the tags: he is known to strut about roads and is prone to anger.  Any ideas?  Hit the jump and remove all doubt!

Bare knuckle!  Say it with me!  Bare knuckle!  Now dash across your living room and perform a flaming uppercut while you say it!  Bare knuckle!  That’s the way.  I’m proud of you.





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  2. I have been watching too many 90s cartoons lately, because I first read this fourth move as, “Street Sharks.”

  3. @jigger: Oh, is THAT what he says? I always thought he was saying “bare knuckle!”. Maybe I’ll go back and change that…

    @ScottyMo: Ha! Well, they fight, and they bite, after all. 😛

  4. I was heard Grass Hoppa, but that doesn’t make any sense, does it???

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