Jet Set Radio making a comeback?

This was just posted on Sega’s blog, and I couldn’t be more excited. It looks like we’re either getting HD remakes of the first two Jet Set Radio games, or, potentially a brand new entry into the JSR series. Either one is excellent news, and I can’t wait to see more details on this.

Who else is hyped for this news?

Source: Sega Blog

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  1. Jet Set Radiiooooooo

  2. ScottyMoFoShoooooooo is pumped for Jet Set Radiooooooooooo.

    My gosh I hope they keep all the original songs.

  3. Like this, like that, like this this, like that.

    Might stick Jet Set Radio Future on the Xbox right now. Oh the pretty colours…

  4. While any and all of this news is freakin’ awesome, I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re just getting the first one, at least for now.

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