Sega vs Capcom, Part IX: Kidding Around

Welcome, once again!  Here’s a hint for this week’s character: he’s a prince, he has a huge fist and wears jumpsuits.  That sounds like the set up for a dirty joke, but I promise there won’t be one if you hit the jump.

I was tempted to say something dirty anyway, but I didn’t.  Gotta take the high ground sometimes.  This is journalism, after all.  I think.  Uh, what was I talking about again?  Hey, look!  A pretty picture!





There you have it!  And don’t forget to check out the other contenders in the series:

ShinobiSonic, Tyris Flare, Shadow, Axel, Shun Di,  Ristar, Beat


See you next time, kids!

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  1. Brings a tear to my eye. The echoed death sound that Alex Should say when he is finished is the “ARRGHH!!!” sound that he says in Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars. The thing of nightmares. Why can’t this exist!!!

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