Sega vs Capcom, Part XI: Good Nights, and Good Luck


“There is no Nights!”  Wanna bet, Reala?  Hit the jump, you sassy jester!

Yes, I know that’s not what Reala was actually saying, but it made for a clever-ish intro.  Sort of.  Okay, so it was dumb.  I’m an artist, not a writer of… funny things.  Good Lord, just stop reading this and look at the picture!  Please!




There you have it!  Rest assured the cast of Sega vs Capcom will sleep easy tonight, with Nights on duty.  Check out the other Sega combatants below!

ShinobiSonic, Tyris Flare, Shadow, Axel, Shun Di,  RistarBeatAlex Kidd Knuckles

Readers Comments (2)

  1. Very cool. I like how Nights’ enemies are incorporated by trying to harm him, but actually end up helping him.

    Very creative way to use the Soft Museum too, haha!

    Hooray for “sparkly magic!”

  2. Thanks, Scott! The Soft Museum was always my favorite level, so I had to work it in there somehow. 🙂

    ***SPARKLY MAGIC!!!***

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