Sega of Japan trademarks ‘Flick of the Dead’

Image source: Giantbomb

So, according to Andriasang, Sega just trademarked something called “Flick of the Dead”. Now, they already point out that this hints heavily at an iOS/Android version of a House of the dead game or a completely new development. This would be great news, since I already included that series in my Top 5 list of games Sega needs to put on iOS and Android! It sure would make sense to bring that game to smartphones. The important question will be, whether or not it will be yet another port or a completely new game…

Still waiting for some Ulala action on there, Sega…

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  1. I’d love to see an original game but I’ll be buying it either way. I am excited to see how the game works on iOS/Android. I think the lightgun shooter is a good fit for touch devices, but they’ll to find a way to make a little more difficult since aiming won’t be much of a challenge.

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