Big the Cat fanfiction contest winners announced!

The winner’s of the Big the Cat/Ken Balough Fanfiction Contest are… Runners Up: Maurice & Mark Hughes. Grand Prize: Thaddius Byrdde!

I’ll be contacting each of you shortly to get the details on where to send your prizes. The Runners Up will win a set of Yakuza: Dead Souls merchandise and the Grand Prize winner will win some Yakuza: Dead Souls merchandise, a Big the Cat related prize, and we’ll be recording his fanfiction as a radio play starring Ken Balough soon!

Congratulations everyone and thanks for entering!

  • DRscottnick

    WOOO I WON!!!

  • Rob95D

    I won! 😀 Thanks guys!

  • Alas, this would have been the perfect opportunity to showcase my Big the Cat/ Star Trek The Next Generation cross-over novel to the world. Too bad it’s over 350 pages long…

  • jwhite12

    Oh this one may be tough but I’ll give it a shot, and I’ll try to keep it family friendly

  • Rob95D

    When will you be emailing us? Just curious as I may not be around the next day or so 🙂

    • Hey Rob95D – I got your email already and replied to it. Maybe my email didn’t get back to you for some reason.

  • Rob95D

    Oh right, Yeah I didn’t see it 😛 Sorry for the rush it’s just as I said I won’t be around the next 2 days or so, so I taught it would be better to get it sorted early, thanks 🙂

  • shiggidy

    This is a hilarious and great little contest. I doubt i’ll have time to write an entry, but I’d definately love to. Hopefully you guys will post all of the entries (with authors consent) to the site!

    Jwhite, have you listened to the podcasts chap? Keep it from being a full fledged erotica, and i’m sure you’re good 😉

  • 100

    Congrats Thaddius. I’m glad I made it this far but I really wanted to know what the runners up had written, wish granted…

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